How did you get into guitars and fall in love with them?

What was the first guitar piece you learned?

As a novice guitarist, what should we pay attention to when practicing?

1. Don’t give up on a whim

Many beginners buy guitars on a whim, look up information online, and then give up easily.

When we play the guitar, our hands will pluck the strings hard, and at this time, the hands are prone to calluses.

Some newbies will give up because they care about this.

2. Learn music theory

Many people want to learn to play the guitar quickly and ignore the knowledge of the guitar itself.

Think music theory knowledge is very boring and boring.

But that's just the difference between "can play" and "can play".

If you want to learn well, don't be afraid to take your time.

3. Solid basic skills

The basic skills to be practiced in the left hand are: climbing sound practice, finger stretching practice, two-finger string jumping practice, middle string practice and so on.

Basic skills to be learned in the right hand: practice of single-string plucking with the right hand, etc.

Why some people can give fluidity to popped tunes, while others are separate notes.

There is no problem with practicing the basic skills solidly.

4. Practice efficiently and pay attention to details

Practice a certain amount of time each day to learn the basics.

Develop a good habit of practicing.

5. Learn to tune

Conducive to the development of our musical sense and keep the tension of the strings stable.

As a guitar beginner, having a good guitar is essential.

Of course, everyone's actual situation is different, so what kind of guitar is a good guitar?

If you want to learn guitar, you need to choose a guitar that suits you, buy a guitar, two words are very important, suitable.

Regarding the choice of guitar, these few suggestions are shared with you.

1. The choice of style

There are three types of guitars: classical, acoustic, and electric.

The three guitars are very different in shape, monochrome and playing technique.

Among them, classical guitars use nylon strings, and acoustic guitars use steel strings.

Comparing the two most common styles, nylon is softer than steel.

If you are learning to play and sing with a guitar, choose an acoustic guitar.

2. The choice of size

The sizes of acoustic guitars are usually 36 inches, 38 inches, 40 inches and 41 inches.

The size of the guitar should be adapted to the height of the player.

3. Necessary accessories

A guitar has three basic accessories: a tuner, a capo, and spare strings.

4. The choice of price

There is no need for beginners to choose a very good guitar, it depends on their own situation.

If you are interested in guitar, learn more about it.