Tires are annular elastic rubber products that roll on the ground and are assembled on various vehicles or machinery. As one of the important parts of the vehicle, the tire is not only related to the handling performance of the vehicle but also related to the safety of the people in the vehicle.

Knowledge about tires.

1. Tires are consumables.

Tires are one of the consumables in a car. Tires are rubber products that age and they have a lifespan even if you don't use them.

Aged tires can cause minor cracks that cause slow inflation and, in severe cases, puncture while driving, causing the vehicle to lose control.

2. Spare tire.

There are two kinds of spare tires, one is a full-size spare tire, which is a spare tire with the same specification as a normal tire, and the other is a non-full-size spare tire, that is, a spare tire with a different size than a normal tire.

3. Change tires.

The impact of tires on car performance is great, whether it is dynamic performance or comfort performance.

Therefore, when changing tires, you can choose non-original tires according to your needs, and keep the tire specifications unchanged without changing the rims.

The importance of tires.

1. Support the weight of the vehicle and bear the load of the vehicle.

2. Transfer traction and braking torque to ensure the adhesion of the wheels to the road.

3. Reduce and absorb the vibration and shock when the car is running, and reduce the noise when the car is running.

How to repair car tires.

1. Tie the tape.

Use a special awl to extend the strip over the damaged part of the tire, leaving the part outside.

Advantages: No need to remove tires and rims, no need to rebalance, and quick maintenance.

Disadvantages: When the awl extends into the leak hole, the original hole will expand, resulting in slow air leakage. The quality of the rubber strip directly affects the maintenance quality.

2. Cold film.

Remove the tire, sand it from the inside of the damaged area, then apply a cold sticker, and let it dry for a while before sticking the cold stick.

Advantages: Suitable for repairing common holes and is the most common tire repair method.

Cons: Can't fill holes on the outside of the tire, water may seep into the holes and damage the wire and ply.

3. Sealing agent.

Leak sealers are automotive chemicals used to automatically fill leaks in car tires.

Only tiny tread holes can be automatically repaired with sealant, which is a contingency measure when traveling.

4. Mushroom nails.

Similar to the cold repair method, while repairing, a strip of rubber should be inserted from the inside to the outside of the tire to completely fill the hole. Advantages: Combining the advantages of tape and cold film, more reliable.

Cons: Not suitable for repairing small holes.

Check your tires in time to ensure driving safety!