Cooking a nutritious and delicious soup for your family is a treat. Do you know the nutritional value of vegetable soup?

When vegetables are boiled into soup, it can improve the efficiency of the body's absorption of nutrients.

An adult recommends consuming more than 350 grams of vegetables per day, but there should be many people who review their past diets and clearly feel that their intake of vegetables is seriously insufficient. Compared with lettuce salad, vegetables become smaller when heated, making them easier to ingest.

A bowl of fat-reducing and slimming soup contains about 200 grams of vegetables. Drinking two bowls a day can exceed the necessary intake for a day.

Moreover, consuming vegetables in soups not only reduces the volume but also improves the efficiency of the body's absorption of nutrients such as vitamins.

Hearing "vegetables are good for health", many people will make vegetables into lettuce salad, but after eating lettuce salad, the human body can only absorb some active ingredients such as vitamins and phytochemicals with antioxidant effects.

Because most of the phytochemicals are present in the cells of vegetables, the cell periphery is covered with a strong cell membrane known as fiber. If the cell membrane is not destroyed by heating, it will be difficult for the human body to absorb nutrients.

When vegetables are heated, nutrients such as phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals dissolve in the vegetable broth. Therefore, drinking vegetable soup can obtain far more antioxidant energy than lettuce salad can provide.

A bowl of fat-reducing soup is about 51 calories. There are 4 to 5 kinds of vegetables used in cooking, so you can feel full even if the calories are not high, so you don't have to worry about the amount, and you can eat more. And so you can avoid eating too many staple foods and snacks.

The fat-reducing soup is seasoned with just a little chicken stock powder and salt. The freshness and sweetness of the vegetables themselves are released during the boiling process, so even if the seasoning is not heavy, a delicious vegetable soup can be cooked. After getting used to the light taste, the sense of taste will become sensitive, and naturally, you will no longer like the heavy taste. In this way, the amount of salt in the diet can be reduced and the effect of reducing salt can be obtained.

But many people worry about the choice of raw materials, especially vegetables have high requirements for soup.

1. Corn vegetable soup


1 cooked corn

1 potato

1 carrot

fresh mushroom

green pepper

Cut the cooked corn cobs into sections, peel the potatoes and carrots separately, cut into pieces, wash the green peppers and cut them into pieces, remove the stems of the fresh mushrooms, wash them, and cut them into strips. Then add all the above ingredients to cook, and add salt.

2. Yam vegetable soup


300 grams of yam

1 carrot

1 tomato


an appropriate amount of cabbage

1 bowl of broth

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

half a teaspoon of sugar

Wash the yam and carrot, peel and slice, wash and slice the tomato, wash the broccoli; wash the cabbage. Then add the stock, and add the yam, carrot, tomato, broccoli, and cabbage.

Finally cooked, then put the miso soup in the soup, and add half a teaspoon of sugar to taste.