Snow-capped mountains are praised by many people, and there are many literary works that describe the beauty of snow-capped mountains. But many people do not know much about the reasons for the formation of snow-capped mountains. In fact, the main reason for the formation of snow-capped mountains is the high altitude.

There is an objective law on the surface of the earth. As the altitude rises, the air becomes thinner, the air moves more violently, and the temperature is lower. Generally, the temperature drops by 6 degrees Celsius for every 1000 meters that rise. If a mountain is at a high altitude, such as 6,000 meters, it is about 36 degrees Celsius cooler than sea level, and the temperature on the mountain has reached sub-zero.

Due to the terrain, the water vapor will be blocked by the terrain and gather on the mountainside to form precipitation. If the temperature is low, it will become snow. When snow falls on the mountains, because the temperature is extremely low all year round (it is likely to be below zero all year round), then the snow will not melt. With the accumulation of years and months, the snow is pressed into ice and becomes a mountain glacier, and the snow-capped mountains we see appear.

Pursuing a higher and farther mountain journey is the dream of every climber. When you stand at an altitude of about 5,000 meters, you will start a new height in your life; when you trek through the steep snow slopes, you will experience the hardships and fun of every step. Here are some of the equipment you may need to go to the snowy mountains.

Helmet: When climbing a snowy mountain, it is easy to be hit by falling rocks or snow blocks without a helmet. The helmet is worn over the hat to keep warm and keep the head safe.

Hijab: Hijab is often worn around the neck. One is to prevent the cold current from entering the whole body from the neck, and the other is to cover the face with a headscarf when you stop to rest or when there is a strong wind. But if it's not very cold when walking, it's best not to cover your face, because this can make it difficult to breathe.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a key piece of gear to prevent sunburn on your face. As the altitude increases, the UV rays increase, and without sunscreen, the exposed skin of your face can quickly get tanned, even leading to sunburn and redness.

Sunglasses: There will be snow in the snow-capped mountains for many years. When the sun rises, the sunlight will be reflected through the snow. At this time, tourists will feel very dazzling when they look around. Sunglasses or ski goggles are essential items.

Camera: The scenery of the snow-capped mountains is very beautiful. When you come to play, you can choose to bring a camera or video camera to record the beautiful scenery of the snow-capped mountains. You can also bring some high-energy snacks, such as chocolate compressed biscuits, to properly supplement yourself with some physical strength. These little treats are relatively light and ideal for carrying around.

Skiing tools: Most tourists go to the snow-capped mountains for skiing, and they can bring some better quality skiing tools by themselves. Skiing is a very exciting game, but it is also full of dangers. Therefore, before starting, it is necessary to equip yourself with tools such as hats, knee pads and gloves.