Juices are divided into two broad categories, NFC (Not From Concentrate) and Concentrate. The former tastes pure, but the shelf life is short, and the price is high. The latter are easy to store and cheaper but have lower nutritional value. Here are 8 delicious juices recommended for you.

1. Jumex Pomegranate Juice

Jumex is a Mexican brand, and its pomegranate juice belongs to Concentrate. The raw material is the red pomegranate produced in the Americas, and the red color of the juice makes people drool. Pomegranate has the functions of beautifying the skin, anti-oxidation, softening blood vessels, and rich in minerals. If you drink it for a long time, the skin will be brighter and softer. The metal can is very delicate.

2. Lotte Mango Juice

The brand Lotte should be familiar to everyone. It is a Korean brand. This mango juice also belongs to Concentrate. The vitamin C content in mango is higher than that of ordinary fruits, and the vitamin A content can take the first place in fruits, and it can promote gastrointestinal digestion. It can be said to be one of the must-have fruits at home.

3. Malee Mangosteen Juice

Malee is a Thai brand, and its fruit products are mostly tropical fruits. This mixed juice contains 75% reconstituted mangosteen juice, 15% reconstituted pomegranate juice and 10% reconstituted red grape juice.

Reconstituted is concentrated juice and water, so this juice is of course Concentrate. The taste of mangosteen is moderately sweet and sour, and the pomegranate and red grape juice enhance the color and also increase the acidity. Don’t know if you can taste 3 different acidity.

4. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Combo

Speaking of cranberries, we have to mention the American brand Ocean Spray. It can also be said that the representative brand of cranberry products is only Ocean Spray. The recommended one contains a bag of 1360g dried cranberries and 4 bottles of 295ml original drink. The shelf life of the juice is 1 year, so it must be Concentrate. Dried cranberries have a sweeter taste, and juices have a more sour taste. It sure tastes good when the two are mixed together.

5. Kagome Tomato Juice

Kagome is a Japanese brand, but this tomato juice is made in Hangzhou, China. Although it is marked as pure tomato juice, it is also Concentrate. Some people say that the first sip of fresh tomato juice is a nightmare, but after a few more sips, you will fall in love with the taste.

6. Haitai Morning Aloe Vera Drink

Haitai is a Korean brand, and the beverage origin is also in Korea. The ingredients are a bit mixed, but the visual effect and taste are like freshly squeezed aloe vera. Each 100ml drink contains 15g of aloe vera. It is recommended that the consumption of aloe vera is no more than 30g a day. The capacity of a bottle is 180g, so one bottle a day is enough.

7. Nature's Law Freshly Squeezed Apple Juice

Nature's Law is an American brand, and this freshly squeezed apple juice is also produced in the United States. Slightly more expensive because it's NFC (Not From Concentrate). The capacity of a bottle is 946ml, and a bottle contains 10-12 apples. Apple juice has many functions, the most common is to promote gastrointestinal motility, but also to clean the liver and kidneys, a must-have at home.

8. Tropicana pure squeezed orange juice

Tropicana's juices are all natural with zero added vitamins, and the key is zero fat. Tropicana's line of 100% pure squeezed orange juices range from smooth-tasting pulp juices and smoothies to more pulpy, more mellow Extra Juicy Bits. Of course, in addition to pure orange juice, other fruit juices are also good, such as Ruby Breakfast mixed with orange juice, apple and grapefruit.