Leather shoes refer to shoes made of natural leather as the upper and leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC, etc. as the sole, which are sewn, glued or injection-molded. Leather shoes are characterized by breathability, moisture absorption and good hygiene.

The composition of leather shoes.

1. The upper of the shoe.

Made from stitched front, back and tongue. The front part corresponds to the front end of the foot and the active part of the metatarsophalangeal joint, and performs flexion, extension, compression and friction under the action of the foot.

Typically, leather uppers are lined to reinforce the uppers and protect them from abrasion, as well as absorb some of the perspiration from the foot.

2. Sole.

It consists of an outsole, an insole, a half insole, an upper, a pad and padding that isolate the foot from the ground and cushion the impact of the ground on the foot.

3. Heel.

It protects the joint between the heel and the outsole from wear and damage, reduces the contact area between the sole and the ground, reduces the thermal conductivity of the leather shoe, and prevents the water on the ground from entering the shoe from the upper.

The maintenance of leather shoes is the most important, and precautions when cleaning leather shoes.

1. Wipe off the dust with a shoe cloth or soft bristles, wipe the gap between the heel and the shoe body with a sharp brush, and then put the shoe support, which can be replaced with newspaper.

2. Do not use liquid shoe polish, so as not to penetrate the skin.

3. When applying shoe cream on leather shoes, use high-quality special leather shoe cream. Avoid applying shoe cream directly to the leather surface, but apply it to the cloth or polish first.

4. If the leather shoes are damp, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture of the leather shoes, then put them in a cool place and let the leather shoes dry naturally. Otherwise, bursting or shrinkage may occur.

5. When cleaning leather shoes, avoid water washing and contact with chemical solvents.

6. The surface of leather shoes is prone to cracks after wearing for a long time. The cracks can be filled with paraffin wax, ironed, and finished with the same color shoe polish.

But pay attention to the temperature and time of ironing, so as not to burn the leather.

7. If you accidentally make a small gap on the upper of the leather shoes, just apply an appropriate amount of garlic juice to stick it firmly.

8. There is dirt on the surface of leather shoes, do not wipe with water or gasoline. Because water can harden the leather, gasoline can volatilize the oil contained in the leather, causing the leather to crack.

It is best to first gently wipe the dirt with a soft cloth or brush, then apply a little Vaseline, and then repeatedly wipe with a soft cloth to remove the dirt, and finally apply shoe polish to make it as bright as new.

9. If the leather shoes are found to be frosted, you can use gauze or cotton dipped in a small amount of warm water, wipe off the white frost on the shoes, put them in a ventilated place to dry, and then apply a small amount of shoe polish to save it.

Or wipe with a light, soft cloth dampened with vinegar, then apply shoe cream of the same color, and let dry.

A dirty surface can affect your personal image, so to avoid being mistaken for someone who doesn't like to be clean, you should wash it regularly.

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