In our daily family life, we often use floor hangers. Hang your clothes so we can put them on and off easily. A convenient and easy-to-use hanger will bring us a lot of joy. In fact, there is not only one style of hanger, it has many styles, and each style has its unique function.

1. X-shaped floor hanger

The X-type floor hanger is similar in design to English capital letters. It can be expanded and retracted at will. It is beautiful and has strong applicability. X-shaped floor hangers are loved by many families because of their foldability and practicality, and basically every family has one.

2. Pole type floor hanger

Pole type floor hanger is also called floor hanger, coat rack, its shape design is like a pillar, there are many hooks at the top, it can be very convenient to hang clothes, handbags, sun hats, etc. placed in the room. The outstanding features of the pole type floor hanger are that it occupies a relatively small area and is more convenient to take items.

3. Square floor hanger

There are two types of square floor hangers: single-bar hangers and parallel bars. Generally speaking, square floor hangers are often used to hang frequently worn coats and scarves, and shoes can be placed at the bottom. Some square floor hangers have universal casters at the bottom, which can be moved at will, and are generally placed in the room to hang clothes.

4. Airfoil floor hanger

The airfoil floor hanger is a kind of telescopic hanger. It looks very similar to a butterfly and is generally placed outdoors. Compared with other floor hangers, it is special in that it is very suitable for drying pillows, small clothes, cotton towels and other small and medium-sized clothes. There are some knitted sweaters that are not suitable for hanging directly, so they are very suitable for drying on a wing-shaped floor hanger.

At present, there are many floor hangers on the market. How do we choose the most suitable floor hanger for us? In fact, there are certain skills in purchasing floor hangers. Let's learn the following points.

1. Look at the structural stability

When we buy, the first thing we pay attention to is whether its structure is stable, how firm it is, and how much it can bear. If the structure of the floor hanger you buy is not strong, the hanger is prone to collapse during use, which will directly shorten the service life of the floor hanger.

2. Look at the material

Floor hangers are generally made of stainless steel, wood, wrought iron, etc. No matter which material you like, we should give top priority to its sturdiness and durability. High-quality floor hangers are mostly made of high-quality stainless steel or solid wood. They are hard in texture, good in bearing capacity, and have good anti-corrosion properties.

3. Look at the size

The size of the hanger determines the practicality. It must be considered in combination with the space at home, the length and quantity of clothes, whether to buy a single pole or a double pole, and ensure that the ratio of length to width of the hanger is appropriate. Before buying, measure the size of the space you want to put it in.

4. Look at functionality

In addition to hanging clothes, some floor hangers also have racks and hat racks on the lower layer or on the side, and some foldable floor hangers are also very practical, and you can choose according to your own needs. If you just need a hanger to hang your coat, it is enough to buy the most common one.