Black tea belongs to the category of fully fermented tea, which is refined from the buds and leaves of tea trees through typical processes such as withering, rolling, fermentation, and drying.

After fermentation, the chemical reaction of tea polyphenols in black tea is reduced by more than 90%, and new components such as theaflavins and thearubigins are produced.

Black tea is named for the red color of the tea soup and leaves after brewing dry tea. It warms the stomach, helps clear the gut, and increases our appetite.

Black tea is one of the main teas in many tea families. There are many types of black tea, rich in origin, and black tea contains a variety of vitamins.

1. Reduce fatigue

The caffeine in black tea can stimulate the cerebral cortex to excite the nerve center, thereby refreshing, making the thinking reaction more sensitive, and enhancing the memory; black tea also has an exciting effect on the vascular system and the heart, and accelerates blood circulation to facilitate metabolism.

2. Cool down and quench thirst

Drinking black tea in summer can cool down and quench thirst. Polyphenols, carbohydrates, amino acids, pectin, etc. in black tea stimulate saliva secretion and moisturise the mouth; at the same time, caffeine can regulate body temperature and maintain physiological balance in the body.

3. Strong bones

The polyphenols in black tea can inhibit the vitality of destroying bone cell substances and play a role in strengthening bones. Therefore, in daily life, if our spleen and stomach are not good, we can choose to drink some black tea, which has obvious health benefits.

Black tea not only has so many effects, but it can also be made into our favorite milk tea. Black tea milk tea is also very simple to make, let's see how to make it. First we need to prepare the ingredients we need.

250ml milk

2 black tea bags

moderate amount of white sugar

1. Brew black tea with pure water, keep the tea soup for later use; fry the white sugar until it becomes brown, add milk, pour in the tea soup, heat on low heat until it bubbles, turn off the heat, and filter.

2. Add an appropriate amount of pure water to the pot, heat it to boiling, put in the black tea bag, steep for a few minutes and pour out the tea. If you like the tea taste stronger, you can soak it for a while.

3. Restart the pot and use low heat to melt the sugar. After frying the sugar color, pour in the milk and stir well to prevent clumping.

4. Finally, pour the pre-cooked black tea soup into the milk, keep the heat on a low heat, and turn off the heat when the milk bubbles slightly. You can filter the milk tea several times, so that its taste will be more delicate and mellow. You can also taste the sweetness. If it is not sweet enough, add some white or brown sugar while it is still hot.