Fashion is an essential course for girls now, but it is very difficult to become a master in this field at once. For most girls, they do not know how to jump from "ordinary girls" to a "It girls"!

In fact, fashion exists in every corner of our life. As long as you pay more attention, you can find some beautiful things and constantly improve your taste. Here are some specific tips that can help you to improve your taste.

1.Watch Movies

There's nothing better than movies for learning about color combinations and what clothes work best for your body. Those directors who can make classic blockbusters have learned art since their childhood and are born with a sense of taste that others cannot match. When you watch more movies, you will form your own style. Scarlett in Gone with the Wind can be a role model for you. No matter how she dresses or looks, she has a wild charm. Their classical temperament and ubiquitous details make your heart skip a beat.

2. Browse fashion websites

As the Internet becomes more and more convenient and there are more resources on it, people like to share their various hobbies and habits. You can find those more well-known websites and draw on them according to the aesthetics of the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Before forming your own style of dressing, it is ok to consult the opinions of the masters. It's like practicing calligraphy. When you imitate a lot, you will naturally be able to write beautiful fonts.

3. Browse fashion bloggers

Unconsciously, fashion bloggers have also become a profession. They rely on instantly following the trend and grabbing the current popular things to gain fame and fortune. Therefore, if you look more of these people, you will be able to know what will be popular this year. From them, you can also feel the confidence and temperament that a woman should have. After a while, you will find yourself not blindly follow the trend to buy some products that you don't need, instead, you can ensure that there are some classic in your wardrobe, which are enough to bring out the best of you.


Seeing this, many girls may be surprised. After all, for us, books are literal, and we can't imagine that there are hidden fashion elements in them. In fact, many famous books described the characters' clothing in detail. For example, the girl who wearing a white dress and a pair of thin high-heeled shoes with square bright buttons inlaid on the front. Or an amazing beauty, who is wearing long trousers to set off graceful lines, a pair of rose-red high heels on her feet, a dark silk shirt, and a hand of the same color. Although people need to contribute enough imagination, in the process of thinking, aesthetics can be cultivated.

5. Quality magazines

Finally, here are a few must-have magazines for fashion people, T magazine, which the main orientation is the middle class, so there aren’t a lot of celebrities but the various styles in it are quite advanced and refreshing, maintaining a different attitude from others. As a niche magazine, the concept of communication conveyed by W magazine is quite healthy, hoping to create an independent position for each woman. At the same time, it also tells women all over the world that if you want to dress well, you must think deep.