Hip-hop has great explosive power, strong coordination flexibility, free dancing posture, strong rhythm, strong appeal and sensational effect. It "originates from the street" and is popular on campus, with its own unique body language, music and dynamic style. There are several reasons why it is favored by teenagers.

1. Express emotions and show self-worth

The strong rhythm and difficult, handsome, and dashing movements in hip-hop have become the best choice for teenagers to express their emotions and show their self-worth. Since hip-hop is a typical youth culture, it conveys the various aspirations of young people and the exploration and interpretation of the meaning of life from multiple perspectives. It also reflects the value of young people's courage to challenge their own physical limits and surpass their own pursuits.

The dazzling and ever-changing skills and movements can not only arouse young people's desire and curiosity to explore, but also allow young people to hone their will and experience the value of life from learning and performing. The unformatted movements and differentiated evaluation scales of hip-hop make it easier for participants to obtain various positive evaluations. The development and progress of society requires people's innovative thinking and innovative means as the driving force, and innovative thinking and innovative means have opened up new needs. This cycle constitutes the never-ending development and changes of human society and human culture. As a kind of radical culture of youth, hip-hop has latent or highlighted competition among teenagers, realizing self-transformation through competition and showing self-worth through competition. It can be said that hip-hop culture is an effective way for teenagers to express their emotions and express themselves.

2. Pursue fashion and convey the information of the times

Hip-hop culture is popular in an era of globalization. It not only reflects the fashionable life of young people, but also conveys the information of the times. Teenagers are often the strongest supporters of "pop" and the pioneers of fashionable living. Some people say that fashion seems to be madness, indulgence, and freewheeling... During the process of their hip-hop dance, they can see the free-spirited dance moves that shake their heads and stumble. Making people feel that they are making up for the lack of emotional expression with the help of varied body language. Through the coolest and most novel high-difficulty skills in hip-hop, show a fashion pursuit, so as to achieve self-challenge and transcendence.

Hip-hop is a cultural symbol of innovative life. Experience the inner fun of hip-hop from the fast and changeable dance process and the effect and perfection of the completed movements and integrate entertainment and fun into the dance. All of these cater to the psychological needs of young people who are enthusiastic and unrestrained, show themselves, release depression, pursue personality freedom, and yearn for personality independence.

3. Seek for recognition

In this era of globalization, with the exchange of information technology and the increase of human cultural exchanges, young people have become the most active group to enjoy the fruits of globalization. Hip-hop culture is a new cultural living space created by young people. It is formed on the basis of constantly breaking old cultural norms and living patterns that are not suitable for human development.

4. Way of fitness

Hip-hop is a low-intensity aerobic exercise that allows people to get full exercise in sports. Moderate aerobic exercise is very good for the heart and can strengthen the control of the brain. The movements of hip-hop are random, and as a low-intensity aerobic exercise, it can effectively consume body fat. In addition, HIPHOP is a small muscle movement, and regular practice can cultivate the dancer's body coordination and make the body proportions better! The movements of hip-hop are composed of various walking, running, jumping and their changes, as well as the flexion, extension, rotation, looping, and other coherent movements of joints such as the head and neck. Each movement has its own specific fitness effect. With fashionable performance and moderate exercise intensity, dancers relieve mental stress while consuming fat.